Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR) Performance

Introduction At the start of last season, I wrote an article about the limitations of the Official Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR) tool and proposed an alternative FDR tool based on team Elo ratings. Fixture Difficulty Rating: An Alternative. Ahead of season 2019/20 I want to look back and see if the Elo FDR outperformed the... Continue Reading →

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Season 19-20 15 Aug 19 Pre GW02 Elo FDR 1920 Pre GW02 issue 01   22 Jul 19 Pre GW01 (Zoomed out) Elo FDR 2019 20 pre GW01 issue 03   12 Jul 19 Pre GW01 Elo FDR 2019 20 pre GW01 issue 02   Season 18-19 08 May 19 updated post GW37 elo fdr... Continue Reading →

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Season 1920 GW02 Preview

Guiding Principles So that I do not lose sight of the way I want to play FPL this season: Premium Goalkeeper. (Better value for money and no weekly decision on who to bench). Five premium defenders at the back. (Best value for money). Only one premium MID/FWD. (Can only captain one per week and money... Continue Reading →

Season 1920 GW01 Team

Introduction A brief summary of my strategy for the first few game weeks and game week 1 team.   Strategy Planning for the first four game weeks and will then likely play the first wildcard.   Using the Elo FDR I developed last season to assess fixture difficulty. Recently, I showed that the Elo FDR... Continue Reading →

Player Value for Money Season 2019-20

Spreadsheet showing player value for money. Two VfM calculations Basic:            VfM = Last season's points / This season's cost Incorporating minutes played: VfM(A) = VfM / (minutes played/90)*38 Player Value for Money Season 2019-20  

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